Introducing Nutaurus Key

Nutaurus Key is a personal online token that acts as a transparent second factor.

Offering an unbeatable online authentication solution, protecting both users and service.

Nutaurus Key Strong Points

  • Provides a scalable and affordable solution for providers, easily integrated into any service.
  • Makes the hassle of alternative second factor authentication redundant.
  • Lets end users protect their identity with nothing but a password.
  • Compromised keys can be detected and handled automatically.
  • Provides unbeatable security.
  • No 3rd party tracking.
  • No handling cost.

Highlights for the End User

  • Integrated in the service app
  • Hosted by the service provider
  • Works the same on all platforms
  • No need to fiddle with dongles or gadgets

Service Provider Benefits

  • Automated provisioning
  • Excellent Reporting
  • High availability
  • Easy Integration

Management Benefits

  • Excellent Monitoring
  • Easily Managed
  • No handling
  • No worries